15 GM Front Air Deflector Retainer Clips - 15733971

Looking for 15 gm front air deflector retainers clips or 1573397? There a few things that you should know before you go and buy them.

Click here to get a GM Front Air Deflector Retainer Clip. Please note that these are sold individually and not in a pack. If you want to buy 15 of these items then you will have to enter a quantity of 15.

A Few Things You Should Know:

  1. They are usually sold individually. It is rare to find them sold as a pack unless you are buying a non-OEM brand.
  2. There are many aftermarket parts manufacturers making similar parts. However, their quality varies wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer. You are going to be rolling the dice as to whether you are going to get a quality part that will last or not. The best thing to do is to research the brand before you buy the part.
  3. Some of the parts on popular shopping sites are not always what they seem. Some of the third-party sellers using popular selling platforms say that they are selling a certain OEM product when, in fact, they are selling an aftermarket part. Currently, if you search for this part on some major retailers then you will see that there is a pack of 15733971 being sold as "GM Front Air Deflector Retainer Clips" but a closer inspection of the specs and the name reveals the name of a third party seller. Always read the specs and description carefully so you can get the part your vehicle needs or, at least, you are getting the part you want.

In the end, your choice of OEM or aftermarket parts is solely your choice. However, you have to remember that aftermarket parts quality and vary to a large degree from manufacturer to manufacturer even though they are technically the same part. OEM parts will have the same quality as anything that came on your vehicle when you bought it. Why would you not want a longer lasting part that you can be sure is going to fit and work in your vehicle.