195 Size Tires | Snow AutoSocks

Why Getting an AutoSock for your 195-Sized Tire is a Good Idea

Finding the right AutoSock for your 195-sized tire can make all the difference between getting home or having to stay at a hotel for a night or two. We all know that is something we want to avoid because a situation such as that makes us miss work and have a lower paycheck than what we would normally. You can avoid this problem by getting a traction device before you need it. If the weather decides that it should snow or become very icy then you will be prepared for that and you will be the one who will be able to continue on before it gets even more dangerous to drive around. 

AutoSock or Some Other Traction Device?

Why not buy another traction device? Many other traction devices are difficult to remove and install the device for the first time and maybe even the first few times. The truth is that a learning curve does exist as it relates to their installation and removal. They might say that it is very easy to install the product, however, the easy part comes after the practice. What you might need is something that truly is easy from the first installation. The AutoSock is one of the easiest things to install on your vehicle. You only have to slip it over your wheels and you are ready to go. Keep in mind that you have to slip it over the part of the wheels that are in contact with the ground. The procedure to do that is as simple as reversing your automobile, turning off your car and making sure that is it safe to be behind the vehicle and slipping the AutoSock over the exposed area. Safety is always a concern and making sure that the vehicle cannot hurt you if it suddenly decides to go backward, even more, is paramount. Always make sure that the vehicle is secure and there is no possible way of it hurting you during installation of the device as with any other traction device.

Maintaining the Usefulness and Life of Your AutoSock

You should always consider how to use the product properly so that you can keep your AutoSock for as long as possible unless you prefer buying the same item over and over. The problem that most people have is that degrade their AutoSock's usefulness quickly or they destroy it altogether. An AutoSock is different traction device than cables or chains. What does this mean for you? It means that instead of damaging the ground under your vehicle it will also damage the AutoSock if you are driving in an area where there is no snow or ice. The other thing that damages the product greatly is driving too fast with the product on the vehicle. If you have ever driven down the road and seen an AutoSock on the side of the road then you probably know what happened. Someone was probably driving on pavement with the AutoSock on the vehicle and it probably was going too fast at the same time. It is not a piece made of metal or other sturdy materials. If you use it correctly then it will last otherwise you will end up adding to the collection of traction devices on the side of the road.

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