1962 Corvette - Needed Paint - 18 Months Later

A couple bought a 1962 Corvette with the intention of riding their vehicles together. The husband told the wife he was going to do some minor cosmetic repairs. He finally returned it to her after 18 months. He had secretly had several components changed and upgraded. A difficult task since the wife was the one who paid the bills.

Key Takeaways:

1. A couple bought the vehicle in order to get in some miles together.

2. The husband told the wife he was going to some light touching up of the vehicle.

3. The wife got the vehicle back 18 months later but with a lot of upgrades including USB chargers, new suspension, and a lot more.

Quote: "When Sandy finally got her Corvette back, it was a whole new car. It now had, as promised, a new paint job sprayed by the Bright Brothers in Alvarado, Texas." (Kempkes, 2018)

Photo Credit: http://image.superchevy.com/f/251373647+w640+h640+q80+re0+cr1+st0/02-1962-corvette-ls-parkerson.jpg

Link to article: http://www.superchevy.com/features/1803-a-1962-corvette-driver-made-even-more-driveable/