2014 1LE SS RS Camaro Engine Covers

Looking for 2014 1LE SS RS Camaro Engine Covers?

Not always an easy find we have to admit unless you like paging through thousands of parts that are not the ones you are looking for before you get to one that fits your needs. Why does no one just put them together in one place? Well, we have for you here. You can take a look at the list below and find the part you need or want.


The first product is actually a blue color. The name, currently, does not mention a color. We will likely fix this in the future. If you see a color then disregard this note. Please be advised that the official color is blue. 


Can I skip down to the list to see what I can get without reading any of this stuff?

Sure. Click this link and you will be moved down near the list. Keep in mind that mobile browsers may have to scroll up a little bit to see the list. We noticed in testing that the system sometimes pushes mobile users a little too far down for them to use the system.

Do each of these engine covers have a list of parts that they actually fit?

Yes. They all have individual lists where you can see the exact trims and body styles they fit. Some of them actually mention it briefly in their name description on this page.

Do you know what the size and weight of these parts?

We can give you a general estimate because they could vary in size and weight from model to model. However, 25.2 x 22.4 x 5.8 and a weight of 13.14 lbs is about right.

Any idea how you will ship these items out? I mean to ask what shipping service will you use?

We do know these parts are too big and too heavy for USPS first class. Therefore, the engine cover will leave here by USPS priority, FedEx home delivery, or FedEx ground. The choice between USPS and FedEx is mostly made on the proximity of your location to our store. If you are close then you can reasonably expect your item to arrive at your location via USPS priority. There are rare cases where some locations that are close to us get their item via FedEx, however, it is rare. If the choice is made to send it FedEx then your "ship to" address is what will determine which FedEx service will deliver it to your location. if you use a home address then you will get your Camaro engine cover or covers via FedEx home delivery. If you use a business address then you will receive your covers via FedEx ground.

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2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro V8 (LS3 and L99) - Red Rock (G7P) Engine Cover
Part Number: 12658129
Other Names: Cover Kit More Names
Description: 2014-2015 Chevrolet Camaro V8 (LS3 and L99) - Red Rock (G7P) Engine Cover - Part Number 12658129 FAQ's How strong is the... More Info
  • Chevrolet:
    • Camaro

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