2015 Chevrolet Tornado OEM Touch Up Paint - Or Is It a Montana?

2015 Chevrolet Tornado OEM touch-up paint can be hard to find for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons, according to Wikipedia, is that the Chevrolet Tornado is sometimes called the Montana. In fact, if you look at the article then you will see that it says that it is actually called the Chevrolet Tornado in Mexico and it is called the Montana in the US. If that was not enough there are different types of paint that a person could buy. The two types are OEM and aftermarket paints. After your figure that out then you have to figure out what kind of touch-up paint you need which could be touch-up pens or spray. Once you make all those decisions you have to figure out what paint code you have and you have to write it down and hope that you wrote it down correctly. 

We should talk about OEM and aftermarket first. OEM sounds like you will be getting the paint from the vehicle manufacturer but that would be only half right. The industries that use the term OEM use the term in that way, however, the automobile industry does not use the term in this fashion. The automobile industry uses the term in a slightly different way. They mean that the original vehicle manufacturer could be sending you the part, however, it might be the company who the manufacturer used to get the part from when they made the vehicle. If it sounds a bit convoluted then do not worry we will try to make it easier.

Imagine a pastry chef making a cake. They buy certain ingredients from certain purveyors and when they bake the cake they call it their cake no matter what ingredients are in it. They call the cake their creation and it does not matter what company they bought the ingredients from when they made the cake. The automobile industry works the same the end product is owned by the manufacturing company and not the part or ingredient makers. A person could buy the same ingredients and the automobile industry would call those ingredients OEM parts in the automobile industry.

Aftermarket parts are different because they do not live up to the same standards as the OEM industry. If you went to make the cake that the pastry chef makes but bought eggs from a different company. The eggs are not the same standard as the chef's eggs and the chef could not guarantee that you could get the same results because the egg is different. The automobile industry would call this aftermarket parts. The quality can be all over the place and it might even be higher quality but it is unlikely. You are rolling the dice on whether the part will work and if you will get the same product.

You also have to find your paint code for your 2015 Chevrolet Tornado touch-up. it might be one of the most horrible experiences you might have dependent on where the automobile manufacturer put it. The truth is manufacturers sometimes change the location of the code from year to year. If you found it in one year's model it does not necessarily mean that it is in the same place. It could be there but it might not be which can be very frustrating. The other problem with paint codes is that they can be hard to read based on the placement or they can be dirty. The last piece you should know about paint codes is that you should be as exact as possible to make sure that you are writing down the code correctly. If you write the wrong number or put a number in the wrong place then you could get the wrong color of paint for your vehicle. You may not notice until it is too late then you will have to sand the area down and buy new paint. It will cost you more and it will cost you time as well. You can get around this if you go to the right places such as Trunkmonkeyparts.com where you can get the paint you need without a paint code if you own a GM made car, truck, van, SUV, or 2015 Chevrolet Tornado that needs OEM touch-up paint.

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The last question to ask yourself is how much damage do you actually have right now? The amount of damage dictates how much paint you need and your delivery method. If it is a small scratch or chip then you are probably better off getting a touch-up paint pen because of the ability to control where the paint goes. If you have a lot of damage then you need a touch-up paint aerosol spray. The other thing to think about here is if the job is too large or the damage is extensive. If the damage is severe then you are better off getting the repair done professionally.

Need a paint code and you have a GM made car, truck, van, or SUV? Click the link here and follow the directions on the next page to find your paint without needing a paint code.