2016 Chevrolet Malibu OEM Touch Up Paint - Where Do I Get It? What Do I Need?

The Chevrolet Malibu 2016 model features a redesign that people are taking a liking to at the moment. It is modeled much closer to its cousin, the Impala. It still displays some of the elegance displayed by some of its brothers and sisters .It straddles the line between elegance and performance. It is made to appeal to a wide swath of people while still being affordable. It is a great car for someone not yet ready to leap into the luxury car line. 

The problem with this line is that it suffers the same paint problems that every other automobile does. It will eventually get chipped or scratched with use and then finding the right paint code can be extremely difficult. It can also be difficult to write down or read the paint codes once they are found. They are susceptible to getting scratched or being dirty as well. Transposing numbers is very easy when looking at a point code. A 6 can look like an 8. A 3 can also look like an 8 and either of those two problems could change the color of the paint very quickly. Many paint codes are very similar and one mistake when reading the numbers can mean that someone si getting a green paint instead of a yellow paint. 


Original equipment manufacturer is also known as OEM. The name means that the original manufacturer or the manufacturer who made the part is going to supply the part to the consumer, contrary to the belief that OEM means that the vehicle maker will be the only possible company to send out paint. It is a benefit to get OEM parts, however because OEM paint still stands up to the standards set by the vehicle manufacturer. Quality is key with OEM and they are careful to follow the rules to make a superior product. Many OEM companies exceed the standards set forth by the vehicle manufacturer but they, at least, meet the standards needed by GM, in this case. Standards are a good thing because they guarantee quality for the customer.

Aftermarket paints are another option but they do not guarantee the same amount of quality because they are not held to the same standards that OEM paint are held. OEM paints are directly held to the standards set forth by Chevrolet/GM. Aftermarket parts, generally, they police themselves and the standards could wildly swing from very good to very bad. You could get quality paints or you may not get very good quality paints. It all depends on how well you know the company beforehand and whether or not that knowledge will allow you to avoid the bad companies. Getting aftermarket parts is fine if you know what you are doing or if you are ok with testing the waters for awhile before settling on a brand. You just have to be careful with the paint because you could make a small job much bigger if you get the wrong paint. You are no longer just painting. You will have to sand the area down and then paint the area. You could even make the area that needs paint much larger and have to spend more money getting paint or you just might need a professional paint job at that point.

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