2017 Buick Regal Touch-Up Paint


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What size is the box this ships in and how much does it weigh?

The paint ships in a box that is 6x4x3 unless you order something else at the same time. If you did then you will likely find your paint in the box for the other part. However, if you ordered the paint by itself then it will come to you in a box that is 6x4x3 and it will weigh around 5 ounces.

What if this is the wrong car?

If you reached this page in error then the best thing to do to get your part is to search for the paint code. If you do not have a paint code then what you can do is use our touch-up paint system. Click here to use that system. 

How can I be sure this is the right paints for my vehicle?

If you have your paint code then you can cross check the number with the one we have on this page. If you do not have a paint code then you can use the link above to find the rights paints for your city.

How will you ship this part to me?

The most likely scenario for shipping this paint is that it will leave the store via USPS first class unless you choose another method and pay the extra shipping fees. You might also buy other parts which might make it advantageous to send the part with the other box if it fits and will not get damaged or do damage.

How long do I need to shake this paint to get it to apply properly?

You need to shake the product for a few minutes at last. It is popular to only shake the pen for thirty seconds, however, a much longer time frame is recommended.

What is this strange looking stand that they have included in the package?

It is actually not a stand. It is protection from shipping damage. We do not recommend trying to use this piece as a stand. 

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Part Number: 19330248
Replaces: 19300686, 19331158

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