2017 Chevrolet Caprice Touch-Up Paints

Chevrolet Caprice 2017 Touch-Up Paints

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Nothing can ruin a day more than getting a scratch or chip on your vehicle. The only thing worse than finding that new scratch or chip is trying to live with that nagging feeling of damage on your vehicle. It stays with you at work, when you are with your family, and even when your driving. it is especially true if you have a newer car. No one likes scratches or chips on new cars but we all know that it is inevitable that your coveted new ride will get one. It is not a matter of if it will but when it will. Luckily, you can fix most of these problems with the correct touch-up paint.

However, the problem is actually getting the correct touch-up paint. There are plenty of ways where a person could not get the right touch-up paint and that all boils down to the touch-up paint code itself. It is a long series of numbers, to be totally honest, which is very easy to mess up in a variety of ways. You can read a number wrong, transpose a number, not be able to read your own writing because you got distracted, you could repeat the code wrong to a person you are ordering from, you can typo the number, and so forth. Each of those things could get you the wrong paint or no paint at all because of the fact that there are some paint codes that are only one number different from each other. 

For example, 19328550 is Iridium metallic touch-up paint 19329550 is silver touch-up paint. If you are not looking close enough then you might mistake an 8 for a 9 or vice versa which means you get the wrong paint. If you do not notice it before you start using the paint then you might have an area where the colors are unmatched and you will have trouble getting it back to the right colors. Not to mention that the car will look bad till you are able to fix the problem. 

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Replaces: 19300686, 19331158

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