2017 Chevrolet City Express Touch-Up Paints

2017 Chevrolet City Express Touch-Up Paints

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Ugly scratches and chips getting you down? Any person who has a car, truck, van or any other vehicle is always concerned with damage to their vehicle. The one thing we all want to do is to get rid of that damage as soon as possible. However, that part of the equation can be very difficult. The problem with fixing scratches and chips is that they usually require touch-up paint. However, getting the correct touch-up paint can be notoriously hard. The problem lies with how you get that paint, or, at least, the method you have to use to find the right paint for your respective vehicle.

If you have trouble reading one number, mistype, or forget one number of a paint code then you might not get a result or you might get the wrong paint. There are several paint codes where only one number is difference between shades and/or colors. For example, there is a paint that has a code of 19328556 and it is yellow. 19329556 is the color blue. If you happen to press a 9 instead of an 8 then you will get this blue paint. You could have handwriting that makes your 8's look like 9's or you could be reading someone else's handwriting. Paint codes often require a measure of precision which is not always possible as shown in the previous example. 

If you are looking at the wrong vehicle then you have a simple fix. All you have to do is use our paint code system. All you need is your vehicle's make, model, and year and the system will find the appropriate paints for your vehicle. Click here to use the system. Please note that you must be looking for paint from GM-owned brands in order for the system to work. Click here to use the system and get the right paints for your vehicle. 

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