2017 GMC Acadia Touch Up Paint

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What size of box will you use to send me this part?

The box for this part is 6x4x3 and it weighs around 5 oz. 

What is this stand thing in the box around the paint?

The stand is actually a protective device to ensure that the paint makes it to you intact. You should not attempt to use the item as a stand as the paint would be upside down if you use it the way that it looks like it should be used. You will also be opening the wrong end of the paint which will cause the paint to leave the container uncontrollably. You will have a large mess and it will be very hard to clean and maybe impossible to clean.

Do I need to shake this paint in order to get best results?

Yes. We recommend shaking it for more than 30 seconds, which, unfortunately, is what most people do. You should shake the paint for a few minutes before using it.

Are you sure I do not need a paint code to get the right paint? I'm a little concerned about getting the right paint.

A valid question. We looked up all the possible paint codes for your vehicle and put them in one place. If you still have the original paint or your vehicle was repainted to be one of the original stock colors then this list will help you. If you have a custom paint job then you might have to find out what those people used and the precise mixtures they used to get those colors. You can click here to get to the color selection area now.

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