2017 GMC Canyon Touch-Up Paint

2017 GMC Canyon Touch-Up Paint


What size of box does the paint ship inside of when it gets sent to me?

The paint gets shipped in a box that is 6 x 4 x3 and weight less than 1 lbs.

What is this strange stand thing inside of the box around the paint?

The strange stand device you are talking about is and to protect pilot that you are= talking about is a to protect the paint during the shipping process. We do not recommend that trying that method to open the paint for use. You would have to unscrew the back of paint pen to access it. Unscrewing the paint pen will allow the paint to go everywhere. The paint could possibly get on clothes which ruin them or any surface that happens to be nearby the paint. The best thing to do is to use the paint as directed by the label.

What should I do before I use this touch-up paint pen?

You should sand the area if necessary. You should also clean the air as much as possible. Any dirt could cause bubbling in the paint which not only looks odd but can damage the longevity of the paint you are applying to the area. You want to keep the paint as even as possible and you do that by making sure that the area is free of debris before you begin.

This is the wrong vehicle. I am looking for paint for another vehicle.

No problem. All you have to do, as long as the vehicle you are looking for touch-up paint is a GM made vehicle, is to use our touch-up paint system. You do not need a paint code. All you need to know is your vehicle's make, model, and year. The system will find the paints your vehicle originally shipped with when it first came out. As long as your vehicle one of those stock colors in a year that we currently support then you will find the color you need through our paint system. Click here to use the paint system now. 

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