2019 Corvette C8 Spy Shots Revealed?

Spy shots recently surfaced which seem to be the Corvette C8 as a mid-engine. The rumor is that the C8 will be a mid-engine, however, we cannot confirm or deny that fact based on what we know about it right now. The article says that this would be introduced in 2018 if it comes to market. The chances of it actually being a mid-engine are slim as this type of car has neared production many times and failed to reach market for one reason or another.

Key Takeaways;

  • Photos were taken of a car that seems to be a C8.
  • The C8 looked like a mid-engine car.
  • The announcement of the vehicle would come in 2018 if it hits the market.

"Our spies say this prototype has been running almost exclusively at night to avoid long-distance lenses with 50 megapixels to throw around—until now. It's also been protected from almost all employees at GM, closed to all but a circle of designers and engineers" - (Vijayenthiran, 2016)

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