23146899 Bed Mounted Tie Down Ring Package - Why and How You Should Get It

If you are looking for 23146899 then you are most likely looking for a genuine OEM bed mounted tie down ring package made by GM for a Chevrolet Silverado or a GMC Sierra. You have come to the right place. TrunkMonkeyParts.com carries a wide range of genuine OEM GM based parts and accessories. The GM family includes Hummer, Saturn, Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac If you are looking for OEM parts for any of those vehicles in any of those lines then the chances are that we are carrying it or can get it for you if it is still available.  However, you are looking for a bed mounted tie down ring package and we have it. You can  click the link here or if you care to read on then you can read more about the tie down package and then click the link below to get the product you want. 

Why You Should Have a Bed-Mounted Tie-Down Ring Package or 23146899

Securing cargo is obviously the first thing you need to do with a tie down ring. The ring provides the stability for the cargo to be held into your vehicle instead of flying everywhere and possibly hurting you or your family. The truth is that if you own a truck then you are going to need one of these items sooner or later. Friends can need help moving as well as family members. You may even need to move from time to time and carrying your things in your truck is much easier and safer with the tie down package. You do not have to worry about things flying all over the street when you drive. The tie down package will give you peace of mind so that you can focus on getting to where you are going instead of dreading every moment. it would be especially terrible to lose your families' or friends' items on the road. The 23149899 or bed mounted tie down ring package will make sure that you keep all your cargo inside until it meant to leave the bed of the truck.

The Color Serves as a Reminder 

The color of the tie down may serve as a reminder that you have things in the back of your truck. Pepole have felt so secure about the packages or items that they are transporting that many of them forget about the things they have in teh back of their truck. You do not have to have this trouble if you have an auspicious color of tie down rope. You only have to casually walk to the back of the truck before you notice that there are things back there. If the rope is a hazard-yellow then you might be more likely to look at it since it is a color that does not happen naturally in most cases. 

It Keeps You and Your Family Safe

123146899 or Bed Mounted Tie Down Packages are known for being strong like these knots

We have mentioned this in passing but we should mention it again. The 23146899 or bed mounted tie down ring package helps you, your family, you friends, and anyone who happens to be close by be safe. The mere fact that it helps to secure any cargo is a plus. You can be sure that it will not tumble out and injury anything or anyone. You have to worry about property damage as well as damage to humans when you are talking about any motor vehicle accident. Items spilling out into the road can easily damage other cars, trucks, SUV's, people, or property. 

If you are interested in the 23146899 aka the bed mounted tie down ring package for a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra then click this link.  You will find what you need.