3-Inch 180 Degree Hitch

The only thing better than having a hitch is having a hitch that can do more than just help you haul things away or to where you are going. Unfortunately, most people do not even think about this because we have been trained to think of hitches as only being capable of doing one thing. The one thing they could do in the past was haul equipment without a real use outside of that usage. However, they could get a hitch that would allow them to make the job of hauling something much more simple.

One of the best things that hitches can do now is be reversible. How is reversible useful? It depends on what is actually on the other side of the hitch. The thing on the other side of the hitch is a ball of a different size. If you ever find yourself needing to do a job that requires you to have different ball sizes then this is the product for you. The thing you need to keep in mind is that the manufacturer ships the ball size to you as is which means that you cannot choose between the two ball sizes. You have to operate with the sizes they gave you. Yet, this is better than a single standard ball size that does not have the option of being able to be flipped into another ball size altogether. 

You do not have to uninstall and reinstall another hitch of another type to do this either. You may have been carrying around two hitches and changing which one you were using in order to make the other ball size a feasible thing to use. It might be a long process to switch the hitch receivers and it probably was not something you were looking forward to doing on a regular basis. The 180-degree hitch makes sure that does not happen to you again. You can quickly flip the ball and use the other ball with the hitch. It is designed to do this and you will have an easier time using the hitch for the other major use of a hitch. You will haul something somewhere quickly and efficiently. 

Of course, we have to mention that this hitch has only recently become available to people who need 3-inch hitches. People with 3-inch hitches used to be stuck with normal hitches. They can now buy this 180-degree hitch or they can get the hitch that does all the weighing for the user. The only thing that a user has to do is to do what they already do which is load cargo. The built-in scale automatically weighs the cargo and allows the user to know when they approaching the limit of cargo that their vehicle can feasibly take without taking undue risk.

Either hitch is a great addition to an already impressive machine. You can make it easier to haul things around by having your choice of one of the pre-installed ball sizes or you can have your cargo very easy to weigh. All you need to do is to choose which one is right for you and get it for your vehicle. 

Get your 3-Inch Hitch here and choose between the Weigh Safe model with the scale or the 180-degree hitch. The choice is yours and you can click here to choose the right one for you.