3-Inch Hitches Grant You Freedom

A person with a truck who does not have a hitch is not as happy as a person with one. Why? A person with a hitch can haul more equipment for their trips and is more ready for the unexpected. It is the best reason to have a hitch. You can bring more things with you so that you are prepared no matter what nature or other external forces may be trying to enact on you. Rain, snow, or shine, you have the potential to carry more and have the correct equipment with you at all times. Of course, you do not have to use that room for that but you could and that is freedom. You get to choose and you get to bring it with you.

The truth is that a 3-inch hitch did not use to provide the same amount of features as they do now. You can get 3-inch hitches that can weigh your cargo for you while you load it and you can get hitches that have ball sizes that interchangeable. You have to understand that the ball choices are set by the manufacturer and you cannot choose what ball sizes you want. However, it is more flexible than just having two hitches with you at all times and then having to change as quickly as you can between the two. They call it an 180-degree hitch because it can be switched quickly between the two ball sizes just by a simple 180-degree turn. Not only do you get the freedom to bring things but you get versaility if you so choose to have it.

Finally, you can also make it super easy to weigh your cargo as mentioned up above. All you have to do is load your cargo as usual and the built-in scale will do the weighing for you. All you have to do to make sure tha tyou are in the right towing capacity is look at the scale and make sure you are in the right range.