4-Inch Drop Hitch - What Else Should You Ask It To Do?

Need a 4-inch drop hitch? They come in a 2 or 2.5 shaft. However, the real question you should be asking yourself is that you need that drop hitch to do for you. The most obvious answer to this question is to haul cargo. You should be asking yourself what else should your hitch do for you in addition to hauling your cargo.

The problem with most people who get a 4-inch drop hitch is that they forget a very necessary piece of the equation and that is figuring out just how much weight they are actually carrying. It is one of the most important factors in towing yet it is one of the most overlooked. Overlooking this one area could be very dangerous not only for the person hauling equipment but for the people who happen to be around the vehicle. It is one of those things that people ignore that they really should not ignore at all because of the problems that could ensue from that one decision.

One of the problems with not weighing your cargo is a phenomenon called sway. If your cargo sways it becomes very dangerous for the driver, any passengers, and anyone close the cargo. The cargo will sway side to side making it very dangerous for any vehicle behind or in front the cargo. It also makes sharp turns especially dangerous because the weight is not pulled evenly with the rest of the mass of the vehicle. The vehicle might also sag from the weight it is asked to haul. The weight may compromise the ability of the driver to see behind them because of the way the back of the vehicle is sagging into the ground. The sag may also cause the bottom of the towing vehicle to become damaged which can be very expensive to fix. You can look at the infographic we have created about trailer accidents if you want to look at some of the numbers concerning trailers.

How do you weigh cargo when you are you using a 4-inch drop hitch? You can use the classic set up, which honestly is very hard to set up and understand. It involves your bathroom scale and an elaborate set up to use. The honest thing that should be said about the set up is that this is the reason most people do not weigh their cargo. They just skip it because the set up is difficult and elaborate. You could also try to use one of those weighing units you see on the road. However, the catch-22 of this activity is that you have to drive to one of these facilities negates the thought of weighing your cargo before you have to drive somewhere. You could also try to convince someone with a farming grade weighing scale to weigh it for you but you run into the same problem as before. You are not supposed to be driving without knowing how much you are hauling. Most people select not to weigh at all which is an obvious problem because of everything we elaborated on above.

The other option you do have is to get a hitch that does the weighing for you. They do exist and they make weighing your cargo a breeze. They even tell you if your tongue weight is too large or too little which greatly reduces or eliminates your chances of getting trailer sway. It is the absolute best way to make sure that you, your passengers, and the people around you are safe. 

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Infographic on trailer accidents is below this sentence.