AcDelco Touch-Up Paint - What Is It and How Do I Buy It?

Most people who do not own GM made vehicles have never heard of ACDelco. In fact, people who own GM made vehicles still may not have heard of it either because they would have to have a scratch or chip. They would have to know that they can use touch up paint to fix it and they would have to know that ACDelco makes a lot of the OEM paint for GM. They would probably also have to know what OEM means in the first place. At any rate, you are one of those pepole and that is how you got to this page. If you are one of those people then you can use this link to get to the touch-up paint system we have built for you and get your paint without needing a paint code or you can go to to get your paint codes now. The rest of the article will deal with OEM and what ACDelco is for those people who might be researching so that they can find the right paint.

ACDelco Touch Up Paint Pen

ACDelco is one of the trusted brands that GM uses when they manufacture vehicles and why ACDelco is known synonymous with GM as an OEM manufacturer. If you are looking for OEM paint for a GM automobile then it is most likely going to be an ACDelco paint. Their paints meet or exceed the standards set forth by GM. If you get these paint then you are going to be certain that you have the right paint and that it will match the color of your vehicle instead of having to worry about it like you do if you purchase aftermarket paints. It is one of best reasons to look for and get OEM paint.

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What does OEM mean?

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. You might think this means that you are getting the part straight from GM itself and you would only be right some of the time. The truth is that you are either getting the part from GM or you are getting the part from a manufacturer who makes the part for the vehicle manufacturer. If you have a baker making bread then that baker can say that he or she made that bread. However, the flour came from another company. If you bought flour from the same company as the baker then you would be buying an OEM part. In other words, if you buy OEM getting the part from whoever the vehicle manufacturer trusts enough to give them their parts for the production of your vehicle.

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What does aftermarket mean?

Aftermarket means the manufacturing company of the part or paint you are buying had nothing to do with the vehicle or the vehicle manufacturer until after it rolled off the line. The quality of the parts can vary tremendously from company to company and something to be wary of if you are seriously considering getting non-OEM parts or aftermarket parts. The paint, in this case, could be off and you will have a noticeable change in your paint job which might need to be sanded to remove. If you have used a lot of it and it was runny then you might also have a problem with it covering some of the other parts of your paint job. The worst thing that can happen is that you might need a professional paint job to fix all the problem and that will cost a lot of money. 

Finding the right ACDelco paint can be difficult if you do not have the paint code. In fact, you might as well be reaching around in the dark searching for paint if you do not have the paint code in most cases. The problem with paint codes is that they are hard to find because the manufacturers of vehicles like to change where they put the code every year. The code can also be scratched or damaged itself and that will render that code not useful. If you misplace one number then you are getting a blue paint instead of a purple paint. If you do not have the whole code then you cannot order any paint at all. The fix for this is simple, however, if you know your make, model, year, and have a GM made vehicle then you can use the system at to find your paints. You are not required to have a paint code and you will not need one at any point in the process.

Ready to find your paint and fix your scratches? Get your AcDelco Touch-Up Paint by clicking here and selecting your make, model, and year.