Annoying Camaro Driver Finds Himself Up a Telephone Pole

A Camaro driver who cut off another driver found himself up a tree. The other driver had a dash cam equipped in his vehicle and caught the whole thing on video. The Camaro driver caught him off then brake checked him three times. He then tried to speed off in another direction and crashes into a telephone pole. The driver then tries to reverse his car out of the situation but cannot due to his lack of wheels on the pavement. He also tries to exit through his door only to find himself unable to leave due to the way he is stuck in the tree.

Key Takeaways:

1. A Camaro driver cut off another driver with a dash cam.

2. The Camaro driver then brake checks the dash cam three times.

3. The Camaro driver tries to speed away only to lose control of his vehicle and finds his Camaro literally stuck up a telephone pole.

Quote: "Unaware of how insane their predicament is, the driver helplessly tries to reverse the car. This does nothing, for obvious reasons, so the Camaro driver is left struggling to open the door and jump to the ground." (Gauthier, 2017)

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