Another Stripped Down Corvette: the Manta Ray

A new trend seems to be hitting the Corvette market and that is stripping down the car until it resembles a dune buggy. Of course, most of these models retain their speed and power but they have a very deconstructed look to them which some people love. In fact, it seems that people are beginning to love the thought more and more all the time. Check out the car below and read the article below.

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Key Takeaways:

1. A company has decided to make a stripped down version of the Corvette for sale.

2. The price of the vehicle will start around $29k.

3. The vehicle is meant to attract younger buyers who, otherwise, could not afford a Corvette. 

Quote: "A stripped down, sub-$30k, “kart” style Corvette just might be the thing that busts the gate open for Chevrolet and could re-invent the brand." (Cruikshank, 2017)

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