Are AutoSocks Legal in Oregon for Traction Devices on Semi Trucks?

The short answer to this question is yes according to AutoSock's website. If you click the link here then you will see what AutoSock has to say about the situation. The really interesting thing is that they include a notice from the Maintenance and Operations Engineer-ODOT which includes a phone number for that individual. If you are thinking about getting AutoSocks for your semi-truck or your personal vehicles then you can rest assured that AutoSock has made sure that you can use their product as intended. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to pay attention to the speed limit that AutoSocks recommends when using their product for a commercial vehicle. 

Are they better than chains or cables?

The truth to this answer is that all of the traction devices on the market have their strengths and weaknesses. If we are being totally honest then we can tell you that one of AutoSocks is that they do not deal with the ground that is not laden with snow or ice very well. In fact, driving on those types of surfaces damage the AutoSock which limit their ability to be effective when you do need them. You can use chains or cables in those situations it is highly frowned upon and usually illegal to do so because of the damage to the streets that cables or chains inflict when there is no snow or ice. Chains and cables win hands down in terms of sturdiness. However, where they do not excel is in portability, ease of installation, and that time it takes to install. The latter item is a major factor if you get caught in an unexpected snow or ice storm. You want to be able to install your traction device quickly so that you can get to your destination and out of the weather as quickly as possible. Removal is also a thing to consider because once you get out of the weather danger zone then you will have to remove whatever traction device you have installed on your wheels. You want this to be fast and painless either for the ability to drive away from oncoming weather or just to keep your sanity from having to install and uninstall your traction device of choice. 

If you install four of the AutoSocks then you should be able to go as fast as you want, right?

We get this question more than we care to admit and the answer to the question is always no. It does not matter who is asking or when it is asked. If you put four AutoSocks on your wheels then you will have significantly better traction but that does not directly translate into the ability to maintain high speeds without damaging the AutoSock or negating the ability of the AutoSocks to do its job. We have been sent pictures of pictures of people in their SUV's or trucks who have four AutoSocks on their wheels and want to return them. They promptly ran into something after accelerating and they want a return. However, it is pretty obvious from the markings in the snow and/or the ice what they did to get there. You should always follow AutoSock's recommended speeds for your vehicle. It does not matter if you have four wheel drive, front, or rear wheel drive, you need to follow the recommended speeds to maximize your ability to have usable traction in the snow or ice. 

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