AutoSocks for 145 Tires

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The problem with having a smaller tire is that you have to worry that a store will have the right size for you and your car. Honestly, it is not always a fun thing to do because there are times when you will not find what you need. Sometimes the manufacturer does not make the size that you need. However, that is in the case in this instance. AutoSock actually makes sizes around your tire size which means that it is highly likely that there is an AutoSock that is the perfect size to fit your tires. You can drive around with a traction device that is super easy to install and remove which means that you can drive around without having to worry about putting on chains which we all know can be very difficult.  If you need an exact fit and need to know what AutoSock is right for your car then use our AutoSock selection system here.

Installing AutoSocks Quickly and Benefits of Doing Quick Installation

Weather conditions can change in an instant and you have to be able to adapt to them as quickly as possible as well. There have been drivers who began driving in a light snowfall only to be caught in a mini snow storm that makes it too difficult for their vehicle to maneuver. The quickest solution is to have one these in your vehicle so you can install them quickly and then get on with your life while you drive away safely. The situation will only get worse with time, therefore, installing your traction device as quickly and neatly as possible is imperative. A few minutes could be the difference between having to spend the night somewhere other than your home and keeping those evening plans you made earlier in the day.

Easy Installation?

How easy is the installation anyway? Have a look at the photos below. They give you a good idea of how easy it is to install and use them. All you have to do is slip the AutoSock over your tire. What do you about the part that is contacting the ground? You drive back far enough to allow yourself room to slip the other part of the sock over the unexposed part. The removal of this item is just as easy. You do the same thing but in reverse. No need to try to figure out twisted chains or how you put it on last year. You have what you need and you can get it off and on the vehicle quickly.

What You Should Know Before Using AutoSocks

The only thing to keep in mind is that there are particular rules you should follow when using an AutoSock. The first thing to keep in mind is that you should be mindful of how fast you are driving. Most vehicles should go 30 mph with the socks on, however, there are a few vehicles that should only go 20 when using this product. You should make sure to check your instructions very carefully before you drive. You do not want to prematurely wear down the sock. However, if you follow the directions carefully and closely then you can extend the life of your product quite a bit when compared with people who do not flush things down the toilet.

If you can follow the rules then you will have good experiences with your AutoSock. Please also remember that you should not leave the AutoSock on overnight because it could freeze to your wheel and actually make it much slicker for you to drive and much harder to remove the sock. It even makes it difficult to remove it without damaging the sock itself. If you do this the wrong way then you could end up having to buy a new one. Extend the life of your AutoSock by taking care of it and it will take care of you.

Did you come here looking for another size? You can use this link to find the right AutoSock for your tires. Need a part or an accessory for your GM made vehicle? Use the form below and the system will show you parts and accessories that will work with your vehicle.