AutoSocks for Tire Size 135

Looking for AutoSocks for tire size 135? Have a look below and find your tire size and we will direct you to where you need to go.

Even the smallest of tires needs AutoSocks. Luckily, they did not leave you out in the cold, literally. They make an appropriately sized AutoSock just for your needs. They come available in the following sizes: 135, 135/5R16, 135/70R15, 135R13, and 135R14. Installation is a breeze with these pieces of equipment. All you have to do is slide it over your tire. What do you do about the part of the tire where it is contacting the ground and you are unable to slide it over? All you have to do is reverse your car a little bit and then finish sliding the cover over your tire. 

Have a look at the photos below to get a better idea of what you need to do.

Removing the product is just as easy. You only have to pull the sock off your car. You reverse when you reach the point where you cannot take off the sock because it is in contact with the ground and finish the job.  You do not have to mess with chains or anything else. The installation is fast, easy, and w ill get you back on the road quickly before conditions can get worse.

If you have had any worries about your tires or your vehicle being too small for this product then end your worry right here. You can get the AutoSock you need fo your 135, 135/5R16, 135/70R15, 135R13, and 135R14 tire. It will not be difficult for you to install or remove and you will have the traction you are looking for without the hassle of carrying around and installing chain based traction devices. 

Click the tire size you need and the system will take you to the correct AutoSock size for your vehicle without any further hassle. Get your traction device today and make sure that you are prepared for the coming winter ice, snow, and cold. 

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