Autosock 645 Size Guide

A Comprehensive Autosock 645 Size Guide - What Tires Does This Sock Fit? Find Out Here.

What tire sizes does a 645 AutoSock fit? A question that we hear a lot. It is with this in mind that we built this encompassing guide to which tires the 645 AutoSock fits.

How to Use this Comprehensive Guide:

We recommend using the find command on your computer. If you are using a Windows computer then you can access it by pressing Control and F. If you are using a Mac then you can press Command and F. It will open up the "find" window. Type in your tire size into that window and press enter. If your tire fits the 645 AutoSock then you will either be taken to the area where it says it fits your tire or the system will highlight it for you. If you do not get a highlight or it takes you nowhere then your tire does not fit the 645 size AutoSock. Conversely, you may also hear a "beep" which also means that your tire does not fit the AutoSock.

A Comprehensive Guide to Which Tires Fit the 645 AutoSock. Look at the information below.

175/65/R17 AS645

175/70R15 AS645

175/70R16 AS645

175/75R15 AS645

175/80R14 AS645

185/60R16 AS645

185/60R17 AS645

185/65R16 AS645

185/70R15 AS645

185/75R14 AS645

185/80R13 AS645

185/80R14 AS645

185R13      AS645

185R14      AS645

190/65R390 AS645

195/60R16 AS645

195/65R15 AS645

195/65R16 AS645

195/70R14 AS645

195/70R15 AS645

195/75R13 AS645

195/75R14 AS645

205/40R18 AS645

205/45R17 AS645

205/45R18 AS645

205/50R17 AS645

205/55R16 AS645

205/55R17 AS645

205/60R15 AS645

205/60R16 AS645

205/65R14 AS645

205/65R15 AS645

205/70R14 AS645

215/35R18 AS645

215/35R19 AS645

215/40R18 AS645

215/45R17 AS645

215/45R18 AS645

215/50R16 AS645

215/50R17 AS645

215/55R15 AS645

215/55R16 AS645

215/60R14 AS645

215/60R15 AS645

215/65R14 AS645

220/55R390 AS645

225/30R19 AS645

225/35R18 AS645

225/35R19 AS645

225/40R17 AS645

225/40R18 AS645

225/45R16 AS645

225/45R17 AS645

225/50R16 AS645

225/55R15 AS645