AutoSock AWD

Common Questions and Fallacies about Using AutoSocks for Four Wheel Drive vehicles or AWD for short.

Is there a specific AutoSock for AWD vehicles?

The answer is no. The real answer to this question is that you need 2 pairs of Autosocks or you need two different AutoSocks if your front and rear tires happen to be different sizes.

Why is there no specific AutoSock for AWD?

There is no good answer to this question. The manufacturer certainly could make a set of AutoSocks specifically made for all-wheel drive vehicles but has elected not to do so. The people who have such vehicles have been buying two sets or AUtosocks to compensate. Currently, this is the best solution available for people who do need four AutoSocks for their all-wheel-drive vehicle.

If I have four AutoSocks then I can drive pretty fast, right ?

No. Owning 2 sets and using 2 sets of AutoSocks does not change the durability of the AutoSocks themselves. It does increase your traction but going over the recommended limits for the item is not recommended. It can quickly damage the Autosocks themselves and render the items useless as traction devices.

Are AutoSocks effective for four wheel drive vehicles?

The answer is yes. It is just as effective for four-wheel drive vehicles. as it is for front or rear wheel drive vehicles. It will continue to function as intended, unless the AutoSocks were defective upon completing the manufacturing process, if the directions for their usage are followed. For example, if a person stays within the acceptable speed limits then they can reasonably expect the AutoSocks to have a satisfactory usage rate and performance over time.

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