AutoSock for 155 Tires

Looking for Auto Socks for your 155 tires? Use the links below to get the fit you need to use Auto Socks on your tires.

Thinking of getting an AutoSock for your 155 tire-equipped vehicle?  A little worried that they will not have an appropriate size for you?  AutoSock makes a variety of sizes around the 155 tire size and they are going to have the right size for you and your vehicle. All you have to do is look above and find the tire size that corresponds with your needs and you will find the right AutoSock size for your automobile.

Of course, you might have some apprehension or, at least, a few questions before you commit to buying this product. It makes sense because you may not have heard of an AutoSock until recently. We will try to tackle the questions you might have before buying one of these products right here. 

Are they legal?

The manufacturer, itself, actually has a web page dedicated to this problem. The one we will link to is for the United States, however, they may exist for other countries but we would have to recommend you check with AutoSock to see if they have the appropriate regulation maps or info that you need. 

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Are there versions of the socks for front and rear wheel drives? 

They are the same. All you have to do is find your size and you are ready to go. There are no tricks of the trade just find the right size and put them on your wheels and you are ready to go.

Are they easy to install?

Fortunately, they are easy to install and remove. All you have to do is slide the AutoSock over the wheels. You must put your vehicle in reverse and then stop. Once you reach the area where the tires meet the ground then you must reverse your vehicle and then stop. You can put the rest of the sock over the wheel. Need more direction? see the pictures below.

What does it sound like when I drive?

It is pretty quiet if you are following the recommended driving speeds on the packaging. Otherwise, it can sound like you have chains on your vehicle. However, you have to remember that driving your vehicle in this fashion while using the Auto Socks is definitely not recommended. You do not want to wear down the life of the sock unless you feel like buying a spare set, which may not be a bad idea anyway, or buying another set when you need them. The only problem with the latter approach is that you may not have the traction device when you need it. The best thing to do is to make sure you have what you need when you need it and to make sure that you take care of it when you do have it.

What should you know about using an AutoSock?

You should not drive over 30 mph in most vehicles. Commercial vehicles are different. The suggested speed is 20 mph. You should also remove them when no in use. The AutoSock can freeze to your wheels which means that you will have another layer of ice on your tires. Take them off and dry them somewhere where they will not freeze so that you can use them again later. 

Did you come here looking for an AutoSock for another tire size? You can use our AutoSock sizing chart to find the right one for you. Click this link to find the right sock for your vehicle. You can use the link form below to find parts and accessories for any GM made vehicle you own.