Autosock Snow Socks for Cars

How Effective are Autosock Snow Socks for Cars?

The answer is that it really depends on who is using them and their driving style. If a person is a speed demon then there is not a lot of traction devices that can help them. A person has to ask themselves, before getting any traction device, what their end goal is before they begin using the product. Unfortunately, a person who has a predilection for speed is going to be disappointed because they are not going to be able to drive as fast as they would if the street was not covered with snow and ice. Why? Autosocks are only made to withstand speeds of 30 mph or 50 kph. Remember that this is the maximum speed and not the speed you should be driving on snow and ice. Again, this is not what a person with a speed demon mind does. They try to drive their vehicle as fast as possible at all times which will damage the Autosock and render it ineffective.

A way that a person tries to get around this is by using four Autosocks instead of two. It is a good idea however it does not negate the maximum speed limit. We have a few pictures of people who tried this and were unhappy with the results. Again, if you have a speed demon mind set and you want to push your vehicle and its associated accessories to the max then you will not like Autosocks. However, if you are a sensible person then Autosocks are a great thing to have in your arsenal.

Why would you get an Autosock snow sock for a car?

The first reason is the speed at which you can out the AutoSock on your vehicle. You should really consider getting Autosocks if you hate trying to remember how to put your chains on and hate doing it in the cold because your fingers get numb. All you have to do to install an AutoSock is slip the cover over the exposed area of the tire. What do you do to install the tire on the non-exposed areas? You turn your car on then back up so you can slip it over those areas as well. You should never install AutoSocks with your vehicle on, of course. You do not want to risk getting run over by your own vehicle. if you would not install other traction devices with your vehicle turned on then you should not do it with your AutoSocks. They are faster and easier and will get you back in your vehicle faster but you should not depend on that speed as a safety feature intended to keep you from getting squashed by your vehicle.

The other reason is that they are very easy to take off as well. All you have to do is slip off the traction device. You follow the same procedure for the non-exposed area of your tire as you did when you first installed the AutoSock. Again, you do not want to do this while your vehicle is running. However, it is faster because you will not be unfastening hooks and loops or pulling them from around your wheel. You take that AutoSock and let them dry so that they are ready for the next time you need to go.

The final thing to keep in mind is that you cannot leave these traction devices on tires your vehicle overnight. You do not want to let them freeze to your wheels. If you let them freeze to your wheels then you will have your own personal ice slick to drive on which is bad for you, other people, and your vehicle. You have to let AutoSocks dry when not in use or, at least dry as much as possible before you need them again.

Not sure what size of AutoSock you need? You can use this system here if you know what size of tire you have on your vehicle. If you already know what size of AutoSock you need then click here and choose the size from the list.