AutoSock vs Chains

A question we get pretty frequently is how do AutoSocks perform against chains or cables. There are benefits to using one of these solutions. They are certainly better than trying to drive on a tire by itself. However, you should be aware of the benefits or detriments of using either solution before you make your buying decision. If you need quick answers then you can see the chart below provided by AutoSocks. The website this exists on says that the numbers come from an independent study. Here is what they said, "The following chart is the result of a cross testing campaign, performed by an independent accredited certification body in 2011." (AutoSock, N/A). What does that mean? It means that you might want to take the findings with a grain of salt. However, it is the closest thing we have to a study of an AutoSock vs Chains. What would make it more reliable is if they actually noted who did the testing. But, it did not happen in the picture below.

There are other things to consider when choosing a traction device. One of those things is how easy is it to install. Chains are somewhat easy to install for some people. Unfortunately, that is the not the case for most people. The fact is that most of us only install chains or cables once or twice a year then we tend to forget about it completely until the next year. It is a pretty predictable cycle of installing chains or cables, removing chains or cables, forgetting how to install chains or cables, needing to install them, having to look up how to install them on Youtube or some other platform, installing them, then forgetting how to install them till the next year. The use of AutoSocks is different. They literally slip over your wheels and then you are ready to go. There is the little caveat of having to slip them over (or under a wheel) that is in contact with the ground but it is pretty common sense what to do in that situation. You back up or drive forward so that you can. We recommend having your vehicle shut off when slipping the AutoSock on because accidentally running yourself over is a very bad idea. However, in practice and in real life situations AutoSocks are not only easier to install but easier to remember how to install.

Another area that means a lot is how easy is to leave the front door with it in hand when in a hurry. We all wake up with not enough time on the clock to get done everything we should be doing before we leave for work. Adding to that discomfort by needing to find, drag, and throw chains or cables into your vehicle is something you really do not need in the morning. It is probably also something that your work does not want or need for you to do. A lot of people just skip the traction device and hope for the best. A very bad idea because getting caught in the weather with nothing to help you probably means you will be spending at least one night in a hotel and you might have to abandon your vehicle. All because the weight and extra room your traction device or devices are taking are inconvenient. We understand this situation because we have all been there. If you have been there too then you want to, at least, consider getting an option that is light, easy to pack, and not a pain to lift in the morning. Even if you intend to use chains or cables as your main traction device then you probably want an AutoSock for those emergency situations where installing chains or cables would take too long and/or you do not remember how to do it right away. You can use the AutoSock to get home and then make the switch to your chosen solution for a traction device.

You have a better idea of how an AutoSock performs and why it might be useful to have one even though you are intending to use chains or cables on your vehicle for the winter. It never hurts to be prepared and you are not prepared until you consider all the options or scenarios that could play out. An AutoSock is a tool you want in your arsenal so that you always prepared whether or not you want to use it as your main traction device or if it is just your emergency traction device.

Click here if you already know which AutoSock you need for your vehicle. You can click here if you know the tire size of your vehicle but do not know what AutoSock you need for it. If you do not know your tire size then you can use Google to find out. You can then use the previous link to find your AutoSock.

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