AutoSocks for a 245 Sized Tire

A thing that most people do not like to do is install chains or cables. It seems like we just get used to doing it and get good at it when the season for them is over. You spend another year forgetting how to put them on and then it is time to use them again. It is an endless cycle that we repeat year after year because we have to do it. Our need to go places for monetary purposes or other reasons cannot be ignored which means that you have to do it every once in awhile. It does not mean that we have to like it, however. We all have to admit that it is a hassle. We all hope that the ice or the snow does not accumulate to the point where we have to try to remind ourselves how to install the traction devices.

We seek answers to questions. It is human nature. However, the answer to the question here is what do we do about the problem. The obvious answer, which is not practical at all, is that we should all move to somewhere warm where it is not a problem. Once, we get past that thought process then we realize that maybe the answer to the problem is to have the chains or cables for the 245 sized tire be easier to install. It used to be a case of wishful thinking here. No one had really come up with an easy to install traction device let alone a way to make cables or chains easier to install especially when you are talking about a 245 sized tire.

However, there is a simple answer now that is viable if you are prudent with your upkeep of the item. Auto Socks are available for tires around the size 245. Auto Socks are much easier to install because you only have to slip them over your tires and you are ready to go. You do not have to "swing" anything behind your tire or clasp anything together. The downside is that they may not be as durable as other traction devices. They do not withstand going over 20 to 25 mph as well as the other types of traction devices. However, if you are careful then you will find that these traction devices are very useful and that you prefer them over the other choices in the marketplace.

The other factor to keep in mind when choosing what traction device you will use for your 245 sized tires is the speed of installation. If you are stuck in a storm then the difference of 5-10 minutes can mean a lot. Traction can be a major issue if you cannot get home quickly. If you are stuck then you want to get your traction devices on your vehicle as quickly as possible. Basically, less time you spend installing a traction device the less time you are exposed to the elements. We are not just talking about your person either. We are talking about slick roads, other drivers who do not have traction devices, and other hazards the weather creates. If you can choose between fumbling around with chains, cables, or an Auto Sock then your choice might be best made by choosing the Auto Sock.

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