AutoSocks for Tires Sized Around 235

Finding the right AutoSock for your vehicle can be a real pain. There are many different types of tire that reside around the 235 size. You have 235/75R17, 235/70R15, and much more. It makes searching for the right product for your tire like finding a needle in a haystack. But, you do not have to worry because we have developed a system that should help you find the right AutoSock for your tires.

You can click any of the above links to find the right AutoSock for your vehicle as long your vehicle does not have different sizes for the back and front tires. If that is the case for you then you need to figure out what tires you have to receive the right AutoSocks for your vehicle. The question becomes a technical question at that point. The question you have to ask is if your vehicle is a front or rear wheel drive vehicle. Obviously, the wheels doing the brunt of the work need the traction device. In your case, however, you probably have 4 wheel drive and you can easily get the AutoSocks you need by going through one link. It all depends on the situation you are in at that moment.

You can find the tires you need by using the system above or by clicking the link here and using that part of the system to find the Autosocks you need for your other tires if necessary. it is just that simple. All you have to know is the size of your tire and then use the system to tell you exactly what you need for your vehicle. 

Are AutoSocks hard to install?

The good thing about this product is that it is super easy to install. All you have to do is slip the product over the front and back of your tires. If you cannot get the product over the tire because your vehicle is parked on top of the area you need to access then you will have, safely, pull forward so that you can pull the product over the tire completely. You should turn the vehicle off after you pull up and put the car into park. You do not want to have any chance of the vehicle hurting you at all. However, that is all you have to do and the product is much faster and easier to install than chains or cables. See the photos below to get a better idea of how you install the product.

Is Speed Really that Big of a Factor?

Speed can be very important if you are caught in the middle of a snow storm. The speed we are talking about here is how fast you can put on the traction devices. There are several storms where 10 minutes is the difference between a safe drive home and a drive home that is fraught with danger. You may have a traction device but not everyone else will which means that you have to worry about their ability to control their vehicles as well. The amount of snow or ice that can fall while you are installing your traction device effects your driving and the driving of those around you. The faster you can get your traction device on your vehicle the faster you can get home and avoid problems on the road. You will not find a faster way to get traction devices on your vehicle than an AutoSock specifically designed for your tire that is sized around 235.