AutoSocks for Your 175 Sized Tires

Looking for AutoSocks for Your 175 Sized Tires? You can find the right size for your vehicle by clicking your tire size below:

One of the most difficult things to do, when there is a winter storm, is to put on tire chains on a vehicle. We have all fumbled with our tire chains, been confused by how to put them on even though it probably has only been a year since we last used them, and so on. Also, there are very few people with the foresight to put them on ahead of time instead of trying to jam it into their early morning routine where they already do not have enough time. You have two choices in this case. You can put them on earlier or you can find something that will allow you to put them on quickly and easily.

A Better Choice for a Traction Device

One of the best things to use, if you decide that you like the latter of the two choices, is an AutoSock. AutoSocks are designed to fit all sorts of sizes including those tires that are 135, 145, 165, 175, and all the way up to 295. Chances are that they make a size that is perfect for your vehicle even if it is something like a Smart Car, if you are looking for the right AutoSock size for that then click here for the correct size for your rear wheels. However, we are talking about something that fits the size of tire you have which is 175. AutoSock not only fits your size but it goes on very easily.

Installation and Removal

What do you have to do to install this product? All you have to do is slip the AutoSock over your tire. You will find that the sock will not go completely over because some of the tire is in direct contact with the ground. You only have to reverse a bit to get to that area and then you can slip the sock over that area too. It is that simple to install your AutoSock. You go in reverse of that to remove the sock from your car. See the picture below if you need a visual aid of what we just talked about in the last paragraph. 

AutoSocks for my 175 tires sound great but what should be avoided when using them?

You should never leave your AutoSock on overnight. The AutoSock could freeze onto your tire and make it more slippery than it would have otherwise been. You need to take it off and dry it somewhere where it will not freeze. You should also not go over 30 mph and 20 mph if you are a commercial vehicle. You should always use good judgment as well. If you feel like you should be driving slower than you are then you should listen to that voice. You can make driving much safer just by using common sense and doing what you feel is safest for you and your automobile. You are going to love owning an AutoSock for your 175 sized tires if you can keep those things in mind. 

Looking for something else other than an AutoSock? If your vehicle is a GM made vehicle then you can use the form below to find parts and accessories made for and perfect for your vehicle. Click here if you want to select another tire size from the AutoSock size