Autosocks in Portland OR

The problem with getting traction devices is that you usually do not think about them until you really need them. It is human nature. We put things off until we have to deal with it. Of course, that thought process brings its own set of problems such as places running out of stock and leaving you in the lurch without a traction device you can use. The next place to look, of course, is online. You could buy from somewhere else but it is going to take a few days to get to you and we all know that a few days is not a great time frame when you need traction now. You need to make that lead time as short as possible. The answer? Buying within the state you already reside.

If you live in Portland or the Portland metro area then you might want to consider buying from a place that is close to your location. Packages from a place that is within reasonable driving distance usually arrive pretty quick. How quick? We are talking a day, two, or three depending on how the postal service is doing and how fast the stock of the place you are buying from is going. The mail service likes to pride itself on delivering your mail to you as soon as possible so there is a high chance that you will get your package in a decent amount of time.

Typically, at the time of this writing (days before Thanksgiving) things are arriving at a pretty fast clip, or well within the range listed above. If you order soon then you will likely get your AutoSocks somewhere in that range and probably more likely to be the lower end of the range. You want that to be the case because no one wants to get stuck in another snow storm that can change the state of the roads from very safe to extremely slippery within the span of 10 minutes.

Get your AutoSock from us. We are in Sandy, OR and we can help you get the traction device you need quickly. Click here to get your AutoSock. Do not know which AutoSock you need? If you know your tire size then you can click here and find the rest size quickly.