Avoid a Paint Color Tragedy by Utilizing OEM Vehicle Touch Up Paints

The best thing to do when you have a scratch, color problem, or a mark is to use an OEM touch up paint. The problem with cars is that no matter how careful you are there is someone or something that is not careful and will scratch your paint.  We all get scratches but how we deal with those scratches determines how close to the showroom floor look we stay and how much money is left in collective pockets afterward. Obviously, if you get a scratch or some other kind of blemish on your vehicle, then you are going to have to paint it. However, you may get confused by the terms "OEM" and "aftermarket" paints. The fast but expensive way of getting out of figuring out what those confusing terms mean is to have a group of professionals dealing with the problem for you. But, as stated earlier, that does tend to get very expensive and everyone likes to keep more of their cash in their pocket for other things.  The only other choice you have is to not fix anything and allow yourself to drive around in a beat-up vehicle. An idea that you probably do not relish or want to find yourself in daily. 

 On Demand Paint Jobs

 Most people make the mistake of buying paint when they actually did not need to purchase the paint.  Carefully inspect the damage and determine how deep it is before you do anything else.  The good news is that some scratches can be removed by cleaning the affected area. The first step of scratch repair is to clean the area anyway, so you are killing two birds with one stone.  Remember that cleaning the vehicle, especially around the damaged area, is a very good idea and can save you money.  Keep in mind that you should not use chemicals or cleaning tools that will scratch the vehicle itself. You want to clean the vehicle not make more of a problem for yourself. 

 If the scratch is deep and not removable by a cleaning, then you will have to think about your options at this point and time. You still could get professionals to help you or you could start looking at your DIY options.  The two things you must take in account when dealing with a scratch such as that is the skill level you possess, and just how bad the scratch is in the first place. 

Finding the Right OEM Touch Up Paint For You, Your Vehicle, and Your Sanity 

The first step in getting any kind of paint is to find out what color you actually need to purchase. The difference between "aftermarket" and "OEM" paint becomes very apparent at this point. Aftermarket paints are not made by the manufacturer or any company that the main company sublets to make the paint for them. You have to be more careful when buying aftermarket paints because the color may not match. However, OEM paints line up perfectly with the paint color because they are the same paints that the manufacturer uses. Getting the wrong color is a major problem and can leave your vehicle looking less than its best.  Unfortunately, eye-balling a color and deciding whether or not it is the right kind for your car is the wrong thing to do. Colors do not always dry the same way they look on their covers. It is also why OEM parts tend to be superior. The companies can give you a clear picture of what paints you are supposed to be using instead of forcing you to make educated guesses.  Remember to look at your color code very carefully when selecting a paint in order to match the color to your vehicle.  Finding the color codes for vehicles is fairly simple as you can obtain them from the manufacturer. The code gives you the number to match color paint to your vehicle's paint color.  The number allows you to pick a paint effortless and without stress. 

The only time things get tricky is when your car is of an older style or model. Companies may have stopped manufacturing the paint colors.  The best thing to do in this case is to call the manufacturer first and find out if they still support the color.  The manufacturer wants you to be happy and wants to help you so that you think of them when you buy your next car. You will find them helpful when you have questions about the application of paint or what paint you need. 

Touching Up Your Vehicle's Paint Job

 You may find that the first time you apply your touch-up paint is the most difficult because you do not have experience. However, let us go over some tips that should help you in this endeavor.  If the scratch is diminutive then you do not really need a lot of paint. All you really need for a scratch could be a good cleaning. If that does not work then what you need is touch-up paint and a small applicator.  Touch-Up paint pens are great for this style of repair or blemish work. They were specifically designed for small scratches and sometimes include a multitude of tools to help you with your problem. It does not mean that mistakes are not possible with this tool, however, you must be careful with the tool or you may cause more damage to your vehicle. You may even put paint in the wrong area if you are not careful. 

 Larger jobs may require you to use something more than a touch-up pen.  Keep in mind that you can buy larger quantities of these types of paints but it is not necessary. You should only buy as much as you need so that you can save your money for other things.  Many of these products come with a brush. The general rule of thumb, as with the touch-up pen, is to be extremely careful because it is very easy to use too much paint and cause dripping that will ruin the look of your car. 

Finally, there are spray cans available for this type of work as well. They are popular and widely used.  You should make sure that you have a good grip on the can and that you do not apply too much to an area.  The spray will produce a more even look than a paint brushes even though you should still be very careful how you use the spray can since you can easily get distracted and spray over areas on accident. 

Blazing Fast Paint Fixes with Touch-Up Paint

Repairing a scratch can cost a lot. Touch-Up paint pens can dramatically cut the cost of the repair if used with discretion.  If you have a small scratch then you will find that either a deep cleaning or a touch-up paint pen will take care of the problem in short order.

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