Bad Beaverton, Oregon Weather vs AutoSocks

Everyone was surprised by the winter that occurred during the 2016-2017 season. The winter came in and slammed the region. It was so bad that even schools were unprepared for how quickly it hit and how badly the roads became when they were on them. Several news outlets confirmed that the school board did not think it was a problem until they actually got on the roads and drove them. The roads were barren and dry and then became full of snow as people drove to their homes. In fact, it got so bad that some kids were still stuck at school or on school buses at 8:30 p.m.

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The frustrating part about all of this is was that we were all unprepared for what kind of winter was coming to us. we all leave the house in a hurry and we all do not prepare as much as we probably should. It did not help that weather reports had the snow coming in much later than it actually appeared. Most weather reports had the snow and ice pegged for a much later arrival almost to the tune of two hours later on most broadcasts. We have to be fair and mention that some of them did mention that the snow could come faster than expected. Almost no one was prepared and it cost us all at least a little bit of time and aggravation.

What might have saved a lot of people is an emergency traction device that they could have kept in their vehicle. Of course, everyone thinks of chains and cables when they think of traction devices. However, those might not have been the best devices for the situation that everyone found themselves in during the winter months. The right traction device had to be fast to install, take very little room, and not be very heavy at all. The two previously mentioned traction devices do not fit the bill at all because they cannot pass two of the previous tests as listed in the previous sentence.

Winter is a massive hassle and it only comes once a year although how long its effects stay can vary. Another thing that is a hassle is finding your snow chains or cables after burying them underneath things for a whole year. It is that fact that makes many people buy snow chains and cables year after year. Either way, they are not readily available and, therefore, are very unlikely to make a trip out of the house in the trunk when a person goes to work. A person may know where the chains and cables are and still leave them at home because of the sheer weight is a hassle. It sounds like a lot of work to have to do early in the morning.

An AutoSock fits all of the previous requirements. It is light because it is made of fabric. It goes on quickly unlike its cousins of the same type, chains and cables. It also takes very little room, or, at least, the same amount of room as chains or cables and it much more likely to flatten down because it is made of fabric. You might be able to place things on top of it to utilize that extra space possible. It is perfect for those emergency situations when you need more snow or ice traction quickly even if you intend to use snow chains or cables as your main traction devices. The AutoSock can be the one you keep in the vehicle just in case you ever need it.

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