Battery Tender for your GM American Muscle Car

Thinking about keeping the beast in the garage for the winter, or maybe even a few more months out of the year?

Well, if you don't have a trickle charger or a battery tender, trust me you want one!Have you had your Corvette battery die on you yet?


You may not have experienced this on your NEW C7 Corvette, but I remember the first time the battery died on my C6 Corvette Grand Sport 2011.

The doors are powered! You can't unlock it with the fob or open the door like you normally would. Instead, you have to find the key (I didn't even know there was a key at first) hidden inside the FOB or keyless entry transmitter. Then go to the rear bumper and next to the license plate lamps there is a slot for the key! That opens the rear hatch (or trunk if it is a convertible). There is a pull-tag (or lever), whatever you prefer to call it, that pops open the driver's door! Then you are able to go in and pop the hood and get that baby charged up so you can get it back on the street, or track!

Well.. Rather than having to go through all those steps,how about instead the battery stays at an optimum level to prolong battery life, and keep your Corvette or Camaro ready to go at any given moment.

We keep these IN STOCK (unlike most of our competition...)

Check it out for the Corvette C7: GM ACCESSORY CORVETTE C7 BATTERY TENDER - GM (84020220)
Check it out for the Camaro: GM ACCESSORY CAMARO BATTERY TENDER - GM (84020223)

Keep in mind both of these are compatible for any vehicle, and work the same either way.