Be Ready for Unforseen Slick Conditions in Vancouver, WA

A winter storm can hit very fast. We learned that lesson in 2016-2017. The snow came quickly and blanketed the city with snow and some ice. People who were driving down the street found themselves in a bad situation because street conditions quickly deteriorated. We are not talking about hours worth of time. We are talking about a  span of 10- to 20 minutes. Unfortunately that was the same amount of time that a person found themselves stuck in traffic . Each minute a person stayed in that traffic exponentially made driving harder and harder to the point that pepole had to abandon their cars and seek shelter for the night. It was a motorist's worst nightmare as it relates to snow and ice. 

ONe of the big problems with the snow and ice is that most people thought that they coud get home before it hit. Vancouver streets were filling up with people who heard that the storm was gong to touch down an hour or two later. The storm actually touched down an hour or two early. The people who did not take their emergency traction devices found themselves in a difficult situation. They could not keep going forward and they dould not go back either. They were effectively stuck while the road got more and more dangerous to traverse. Almost no one had proper traction devices to get them home. If they did then it would have taken them awhile to install the devices so that they could continue their journey. Keep in mind that traction devices are usually only used once a year. A whole year is a long time and it is easy to forget how to install chains or cables in that time period. Compounding problems build on top of each other for a very dangerous situation.

What is needed is a solution that is light weight and easy to install. It is situations like these were an AutoSock shines. It gives a person the ability to install a traction device quickly and to store it easily as well.