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Looking for a great deal on GM OEM accessories and parts? You have come to the right place.

Adding something to the cart can be a great experience. You add it to your cart and think about how you're going to use this thing and how soon you are going to get it. You think about how to install it and how much time it will take. You take a look in the cart and you notice something that you forgot to take into account. The shipping has made the cost of the item way too much and will leave you with too much month for your money to deal with in the future.

There is an answer. 

All orders in the Continental US over $75 get free shipping.

What the catch? We are glad you asked because there are only two. 

1. It cannot be an international order. We realize we already said that it had to be an order for the Continental US but we have to reiterate because someone will ask. 

2. The second thing to keep in mind is that if an item is oversized then the free shipping does not apply. For example, if the item cannot be accepted by USPS or UPS then we have to use a freight option which can get very costly very quickly. We would love to send the item to you free but the fact remains that we have to keep the lights on. Unfortunately, doing something like that would eat into the profits very quickly.

If the order is not international and it is not too large to ship via our chosen providers and not expensive for some other reason (determined by a case by case basis when it becomes an issue. For example, if the shipping cost is going to exceed our cost of getting the item then the free shipping rule cannot be applied) then you will be getting free shipping if you are above the $75 dollar threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a coupon or a promo code?

No. The system will automatically take off the shipping if the conditions are met from above. What conditions are we talking about here? The order is not going to be shipping via international mail and it is not oversized or the shipping is going to exceed the cost of what it takes to get the part to us then to you. 

Will this promo, sale, or discount end soon?

The answer is currently no. However, things do change and it is possible that it could go away at any time. If you are looking for a good deal then it is best for you to get what you need as soon as you can. 

Does this include things like the Weigh Safe hitches?

Yes. It does include things such as the Weigh Safe hitches.

Can I buy a series of little things and still get the free shipping?

Yes, as long as your order meets or exceeds $75 dollars then you will receive free shipping for the item or items in this case.

Is the Trunk Monkey gear also eligible for free shipping?

Yes. If your cart meets or exceeds $75 then you will receive free shipping.

Is the designation of being oversized only a weight restriction?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Many times the carriers will have actual space restrictions. The product you want might be a certain weight which is under their weight limits but still too large by dimension. It might still require us to send the item through the freight system which will disqualify it from being eligible for free shipping.