Big Red, the Baddest Camaro, Returns

Big Red, the Baddest Camaro, caught fire during an event last year. It caused significant damage, however, Big Red has been repaired and is ready to return to active events including the one it caught fire doing. It will run Pike's Peak and the Mojave event soon. The makers of the vehicle took the time to add a few upgrades as well.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Big Red caught fire in 2016 during the Pike's Peak event.

2. Big Red has been updated and repaired.

3. The "Baddest Camaro" will return to Pike's Place and the Mojave event soon.

Quote: "Thankfully, much of Big Red was saved, with the original 1969 Camaro body sporting a wealth of metalwork to take out the waves and distortion caused by the heat." (Thomas, 2017)

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