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Splash guards have become one of the most underrated but essential accessories that almost everyone ignores. If that sounds like it is an overreach of the importance of splash guards or mud flaps then let us explain why you should get a pair of these as soon as possible. We all tend to think of them just as decorations. However, there is a better reason to have them which has to do with your car and how well it functions. Specifically, it has a lot to do with your safety which might seem counterintuitive to what we think about when we think about splash guards. We do not think about them as a major piece of the safety puzzle but maybe we should. You might agree once you read about what they will do for you and your car. 

The truth is that the front splash guards do a lot more for your car than you realize. They are actually a part of an important system that keeps you safe in case of crashes. Newer cars are made to "crumple". Newer cars have crumple zones that are designed to crumple or deform when hit by other objects or vehicles. Obviously, this is not something you want to happen everywhere especially when there are people sitting in a certain area of the car. The area we are concerned with is called the passenger area even though it includes the driver. If any area was designed to crumple it was not this area. You want to have the passenger area or passenger cab as strong as possible so that you can survive a crash which means that you have to take care of all the components that help you be safe when you drive your car.

The obvious question here is how molded splash guards help this area. The area includes something called the side rocker panels. The panels are an important part of the structure of the passenger cab. if you want to have a strong passenger cab then you need to make sure that the rocker panels stay strong. Unfortunately, many rocker panels are subject to erosion and damage over time from the road, debris, and other things on the road that could get into areas that make the rocker panels less effective over time. Mud flaps or splash guards help keep the rocks and debris out of the places where the rocker panels can be weakened.

If you want to have the safest drives around town you can possibly have then it behooves you to make sure that your side rocker panels stay strong in case you have an accident. Build up over time is a problem for these items and you can make sure that the rocker panels stay strong for much longer when you have the right accessories. If you are at all interested in safety then you should consider getting these black molded Buick Regal 2015 splash guards for your car. You will make sure that an overlooked problem of driving is taken care of instead having something happen to you. 

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