Black or Silver Chrome Front Grille For the 2015 Cadillac CTS

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Your front grille is what people seem to notice first about your car most of the time. It makes sense if it gets damaged or broken then it will probably be a major annoyance to you. It might even distract you from driving. It behooves you to get it repaired so that you can focus on what is important and that is driving accurately around time in order to avoid accidents. Of course, the best way to do this is to get a new front grille. You may have even bought a front grille in the past as a replacement in case of this situation occurring. If you did, then good on you, you had the foresight to get something very smart.  If you did not do that, then, that is fine as well because we have to be honest about the situation. Almost no one thinks about doing that beforehand anyway, but you are here now and you can, at least, consider the idea because you might get another damaged grille in the future. 

One of the major things you have to ask yourself is what color do I need? Do you have a color theme you are trying to establish or that you already have and want to keep? Are you trying to be more flashy than what you already have on your car? Whatever you want to do with your car is fine. However, you do have two choices. You can get an all black grille, or you can get a silver grille. If you want to look sleek and a bit mysterious then maybe the all black grille is for you. If you want a little pop of color then the silver is probably a good choice. Most of this choice is based on your preference and there is no right answer here. Get the grille you think is going to fit with the style them you have established for yourself or will establish for yourself in the future.

The other thing you can do is to get both and keep one as a replacement. You could also switch out grilles for certain occasions. It might be more work but it might be interesting for you and people who see and know your car to notice that you have changed it. There is no reason not to have a replacement on hand or to switch grilles if that is something you feel like doing. It might take a little longer but it will be worth it when someone notices that you took the time to change your grille for an event or occasion. 

If you want to make a good impression then consider updating your front grille. If you really want to make an impression then consider getting a grille as a replacement just in case the other grille gets damaged but make sure it is another color so you can change grilles if you are going to an event. Who knows what you might be able to achieve? Maybe people will think you own two Cadillacs instead of one. It is up to you, at that point, to decide whether or not you tell them your secret. it is the same car with a different grille and all you needed was an extra grille and a little elbow grease to make that happen.

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