Black Side Window Deflector Ventvisor by Lund

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If you drive with your window open then you know the feeling of getting all sorts of weather and the wind in your face. If you smoke then you know the feeling too. It might even make it hard for you to smoke because the wind, rain, snow, or whatever else there is might put out your cigarette. Either way, having your window open and getting the elements in your face is somewhat enjoyable at times and other times it is the worst thing in the world. However, you can get something that can make the use of your window while driving much more enjoyable or at least tolerable because you will have less wind, rain, snow, or whatever else in your face to distract you. You can get a side window deflector that will help shelter your face from some fo the things that could fly into it.

Many states have laws about how much coverage you can actually have before it starts obstructing your view. In fact, it is probably a good time to mention that you should check your applicable state laws to make sure that the item is legal in your state. The best place to ask the question is your department of transportation .They will tell you if they are legal and how much tint the window deflector can have before it is considered illegal. It is the first thing you need to figure out even before buying one of these products. It is better to know that you are going to get in trouble if you buy one of these items for your car and waste money.

You may think that the deflector is too small but it is similar to the hood protector we have talked about in other articles. It was designed to make maximum use of the coverage it does provide. The angle of the item does allow it to catch a lot more debris, rocks, the wind, rain, and miscellaneous other things that might get into your face. What could those other things be? Keep in mind that the weather is not the only thing in the air when you drive. Insects are also in the air and there are have been more than a few accidents caused by these little pests. A window deflector can help keep these out of the car and your face.

One other reason you could elect to get this item for your car is the look of the car after you install it. It does add a certain cosmetic quality to your car. It also makes you look different than everyone else who has the same car. The good part about that is that you will be able to find your car easier than ever before. It is what makes us different that we notice and not what is the same so everything that you add to your car that makes your vehicle different aids you in recognizing your car when around any other cars and especially when the other cars are the same as yours. You can get all this by adding just one more accessory to your window. 

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