Blindspot Protection with a Trailering Camera

One of the best things you get with a trailering camera is the ability to see, without question, what is in your blind spot. It is tough to know what is there before you try to make your move into a lane. It is the exact reason that some vehicles come equipped with lane collision warning system. However, a trailering camera just might be far superior because it allows you to see what is behind you without having turn your head. Although, you probably still turn your head just to make sure you are absolutely safe. It still gives you a greater sense of security than just looking over your shoulder, even though you should still do that, because you can see everything down the street instead of just getting a glance at what is there. You, of course, still want to track what is in front but you can get a much better idea of what is there when you have a system that allows you to do.

How much better is it? We are including a video to the right of how it actually looks when you turn on the side view mirror cameras. You can get a great idea of how it looks and how the system works from the video. As you can see, once you turn or turn off your turn signal the the screen automatically switches back to the view that you were using previously. You can always change that view as well but that is up to you and how you want to drive. It is one of the best features of this camera system. You get the ability to choose which views you want to see and you can choose 3 of those views at a time.

You might be asking yourself, "how many cameras are actually included in the kit?" The answer is that there are three cameras in the kit. You get the side mirror cameras and you also get the wireless trailer camera. The other cameras you can purchase for a grand total of six different vantage points you can use on your vehicle. You can chose any of those 6 to make up the 3 cameras you can watch simultaneously. The options are yours.Each one will help you make decisions on whether or not that turn you are about to make is safe and if there is someone in your blind spot that you cannot see.

The last question you might ask is how the warranty works if you receive a broken one or if you need to use your warranty in the future. The answer is that Echomaster will be servicing your warranty. However, you will not be alone because we will help you through the process. Here is how it has worked in the past. You call Echomaster with the problem. They identify it and they send a replacement. The replacement comes to us and we send it to you. We act as a middleman once the initial contact is made between yourself and Echomaster. We make sure that you get your product in working order even after you have started the process of using your warranty.

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