Broken Chevy Aveo Gas Door Latch?

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Chevy Aveo gas door latch is just one of the many things that can break. However, this one might make things very difficult. If the fuel door is broken then you can have trouble either closing the door or opening the door.

Obviously, if you cannot open your gas door then you are going to have a very hard time fueling your car. You will have trouble going places that you need to go which may include work if you do not work at home in your own business or someone else's business. You could render your car nearly obsolete if you are not careful with how you use it up until you fix it or someone else fixes it for you. The unfortunate side effect of this problem is gas management and you will likely come to appreciate how great it is to be able to fuel up your car and go at any point you want to go. It will become a general annoyance to a major problem quickly.

The other problem of not being able to close your door might be just as bad. Having a gas door latch is a minor deterrent to getting people not to siphon gas from your car. Obviously, newer cars have a switch oon the side of the car that unlocks the gas door. However, not all cars have that especially when you get into older models. Any deterrent is a good deterrent however and you should have it and keep it.

The other problem you may encounter is that the door is wide open while driving which could hit other cars, pedestrians, bikers, or anyone close enough to get hit with the door. It is bad for two reasons one is that you are hitting the car and potentially scratching it. You may even hit something with enough force to break the door off the car which will cost a lot more to fix. The other problem with this situation is the fact that you might be hitting people and property. People will be upset and they could possibly ask you to pay for damages.

The solution that most people would come up for this situation is that they might think to tape the door shut. You have to remember that this is a car. It was not meant to have tape on it and especially tape like duct tape. It might hold in place but you might have trouble removing it and you may damage the paint job when you remove the tape. You will end up having to buy touch up paint in addition to re-attaching the gas door, fixing the gas door, or even replacing the gas door. You could be trying to save money but the truth is that you might be spending more money than you would just by replacing your Chevy Aveo gas door latch.

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