Buick Enclave Touch-Up Paint - Genuine OEM Touch-Up Paint vs Aftermarket Paint

The Buick Enclave is often noted for its unbelievably large cargo space despite the way it is designed. You may not have noticed that before you got the vehicle but you have probably enjoyed it over the time you have owned this automobile. You might also like how quiet it is and how nice the interior is compared to other vehicles of this style. It is exactly why it is a bummer that the vehicle gets its fair share of scratches and chips just like any other vehicle. The market can be very confusing, however, especially if you do not deal with the automobile industry often. It has its own use of words and specialized words that you may not understand yet. For example, OEM and aftermarket paint can be confusing when looking for Buick Enclave touch up paint.

OEM paint means that the vehicle manufacturer or the company the vehicle used to supply the part is the one who is going to give you the paint. It also means that you are receiving the same quality paint as you would have if you went down to the dealership and bought a new car. OEM paint has to stand up to the vehicle manufacturer's standards or it cannot have the OEM paint designation. The fact in the previous sentence belies the main reason you use OEM paint. The paint has all the same qualities of the paint as was on the vehicle when you first bought it. It will be the right color the first time and you will not have to worry about it. 

Aftermarket parts have nothing to do with your vehicle until after it was produced. They also do not have to follow the same standards of quality as OEM paint. They have their own standards they adhere to which could be the problem with aftermarket paints. Standardization is a plus in many markets. If you go to a fast food restaurant then you expect the product to be the same if you go to that restaurant in your city as one that is three states away. It is even more important when you are dealing with automobiles. If you buy a paint for your car then you expect that paint to be the right paint and the same as the other paint on your vehicle. If it is not the same then you are out time and money both of which are precious. The problem is standardization if it was the same paint then you could do the job once and know what you are getting without any problems. 

Finally, you have to consider paint codes. The paint code is the other sticking point when it comes to your touch-up paint. Finding, reading, and writing down your paint code is essential if you are trying to get the right touch up paint. It is important to note that it is very easy to transpose numbers or write them down incorrectly. Any paint code numbers are very similar and moving the number to the wrong place can mean the difference between a blue paint and an orange paint. Luckily, many of the aftermarket and OEM paint manufacturers make it obvious on the label which paint you are receiving either by stating it outright or putting the color on the package. However, there could be cases where they do not and that is when you can run into trouble. If you get the wrong paint and do not notice then you can start using it have a problem with two different paints on your vehicle. You will have to make a choice at that point on whether you will color the rest of the vehicle with the new color or sandpaper off the new paint and get a new touch-up paint.

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