Buick Replacement Parts - OEM vs Aftermarket

The first question to ask is if you need OEM or Aftermarket parts. Some people think that there is not a difference between the two. The truth is that there could be a large difference between the two types of parts and the selection of one could ultimately effective how successful any repair will be in the future.A person has to ask themselves if they are willing to possibly damage the vehicle further in order to save money or, at the very least, have the part not work at all. If the style of the part is selected then either of those two possibilities goes from doubtful to likely.How do you know which is the right style of a part? You have to know the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts. Unfortunately, not everyone does know the difference and they end up getting Buick replacement parts that do not work, are poorly made, or void their existing warranty altogether.

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OEM sounds like an easy term. However, it is deceptively easy because OEM actually means that the vehicle maker or the manufacturer or the part that the vehicle maker used when producing the vehicle. People may get confused when receiving the parts because they may not be from the vehicle maker. They could be from the manufacturer who made the part Buick used when making the automobile which would confuse the consumer since the part is supposed to be "OEM" or original equipment manufacturer. OEM, in the customer's mind, means that the part is coming from the vehicle maker which is not always true in the vehicle industry.

OEM parts must still meet or exceed the vehicle maker's standards. It is a win for the consumers because the part is of good quality as the one they would have received when the vehicle was made. The same thing works for accessories also. The consumer will receive the same accessory they would have had if they had bought the accessory already equipped in the vehicle. OEM Buick replacement parts are high quality, will fit the area they are supposed to work inside of, and are backed by the vehicle manufacturer in most cases. 

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Aftermarket parts are more of a risk than OEM parts. The reason for this problem is because aftermarket parts do not have to adhere to anyone's standards other than their own. It is really up to the Aftermarket part developer to police themselves and make sure that the part they deliver is of high quality and will do what it is supposed to do in the vehicle. It is the exact reason why Aftermarket parts tend to void warranties when used. The vehicle maker, or GM, in this case, cannot verify how well the part will work in the machine, therefore, they are not comfortable servicing any vehicle with an aftermarket part. It is too hard to tell how that part has affected the system as a whole and what that change will do to the system over the long run. 

If you are looking for Buick replacement parts then you need to think about these things before you go a certain way just because it is cheaper to do it a certain way. Quality does matter and it matters a lot when it comes to your mode of transportation. Getting genuine OEM Buick replacements parts may be the best course of action because you will know that the part will work the first time and it was made to meet or exceed the standards set forth by GM/Buick. They will not, in general, check to make sure if this is true in your case, void your warranty. They also could be cheaper over time because of the likelihood that the part will damage your vehicle is much lower.

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