Auto Socks are the future of traction devices. They are easy and fast to install. They are even fast and easy to remove. All you have to do is slip them over your tires and you are good to go.

Ready to get your Auto Sock now? Click here and get the appropriate size for your vehicle. Do not know what AutoSock you need yet? Use the AutoSock sizing system to find the right size for you and your vehicle. All you need to know is your tire size. Click here to use the system.

Please note that if your vehicle is not a GM made vehicle then we cannot confirm which AutoSock your vehicle requires without personally speaking with you. Please email, call, or chat with us to make sure you are getting the correct AutoSock.

FAQ's about Auto Socks/Snow Sox:

Are they legal in my State?

The answer is yes according to their website. They say that they have been approved for all 50 states. You can check your state on their website here.

Will they work on my vehicle?

The answer is yes if you get the right size and you do not go over the suggested speed limits for the product. The documentation says that you should not drive over 30 mph for most vehicles and that you should not drive over 20 mph for some trucks.

Are Auto Socks also Snow Sox?

We have seen the items referred to by both names. It does seem like the Eastern side of the United States and the European nations tend to call them Snow Soxs. If you are looking for one or the other then you are probably talking about the same product.

How do I install these?

Watch the installation video below.

Auto Socks are sometimes called Snow Sox in some areas of the country. They come in assorted sizes and they used for a wide variety of vehicles. You can get these products for regular cars, trucks, forklifts, and etc.

Installation and removal of the product is much easier and faster than other traction devices most of the time. You only need to slip the product over your wheels and you are good to go. It may be confusing at first because it does not make sense how to get it over the part of the tire that is currently touching the ground. However, all you have to do is back up your vehicle and then finish covering your wheels. You can view the video here if you have any questions.

You should always be as safe as possible when you do this and keeping your vehicle running while slipping the sock on is probably not a great idea. Remember that you should follow the directions and drive no more than 30 mph or 20 mph depending on the vehicle you are driving. You want to extend the life of your purchase as long as possible and this is the best way to do it. Every product eventually wears down and needs replacing, however, you can keep your product as long as possible when you follow the rules.