Block It Sound Deadening & Damping Solutions

       Blockit Sound Deadening & Damping products are addressing problems with those with loud road noise caused by run flat tires, exhaust, or even the road itself. 
These products are light weight, easy to install, and even look great when installed.

      With 2 different options, we have solutions for any customer trying to solve these issues.

The "Quick & Quiet" line is the easiest, fastest, and most effective package you can buy. These pre-cut mats only take a few seconds to install. Simply lay them over your exsisting factory carpet and look great while doing so. An added bonus of these mats - they will enhance the sound system in your car as well!

      The "DeadMats" are more of a cut-to-fit application. They are very light weight at only .445 lbs per sq ft. They are not made of loaded vinyl or butyl rubber, but consist of highly damped propietary mineral filled viscoelastic polymer. This helps to provide amazing sound and vibration reduciton. They can be stacked for even more damping in a specific area.