C7 Clear Roof

What is the part number of the C7 clear roof?

The part number of the C7 clear roof is 84141731. it is called a "C7 transparent roof" in the industry. If you have been looking for the part then this might be a big reason why you could not find it. The search engines depend on semantic indexing to deliver results. Unfortunately, they sometimes cannot tell that one world is similar to or means the same as another word. Therefore, if you are searching for C7 clear roof and the industry talks about that same product being transparent then you might have trouble finding it. However, the C7 clear roof is 84141731. You can click the blue link to see the product if you wish to do so.

Something that you should know that is that the product also appears blue from inside the vehicle.

The product also looks black from outside the vehicle or before it is fully installed as seen below.

However, this is still the C7 clear or transparent roof that you are looking for right now. It is only the vantage point that changes what color the time displays. 

What should you be looking for when you receive the product?

The most common thing that happens when we inspect the product before it is shipped out to you is that the ends of the product are scuffed underneath where the styrofoam holds it. It usually indicates manufacturing errors, which, unfortunately, happen. You should look at these areas as soon as you receive your item to make sure that yours is not damaged. We do look at every single one of these before they leave our doors and we do ship them with insurance. However, it does make sense to check it when it arrives on your end or, at least, you will have something to say to the shipper if you do not get them from us.

If you are ready to get your own C7 clear top or transparent roof/top then click here.