C7 Corvette Accessories - Why Use Genuine OEM Parts?

"It's so Beautiful"

The one thing we hear from many Corvette owners is that not all C7 Corvette accessories are right for their car. Why? The Corvette is a special car not only to the owner but other people who see the car because of the simple fact that it is a car that communicates a lot of prestige. Everybody wants a Corvette and those who say that they do not would not turn down the opportunity to have one if it came along. If you have a C7 or any other Corvette then you know what I am talking about right now.

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The question becomes, "why are you considering any aftermarket parts?" You have moved beyond trying to get the cheapest part because you have a Corvette. The car demands the best parts and the parts or accessories that are made to work with the car the first time it goes into the car. You cannot go to your other friends and tell them that you put non-OEM parts in your car because you will be basically admitting that you bought donuts from a grocery store instead of the store that makes it money by making good quality donuts. Everyone still eats them but you and your friends know that you bought cheap donuts. You might have to hear about that later depending on how much your friends like to make fun of you.

Pride in Ownership

Let us face it. You are proud of your C7. Anything you do that is not consistent with that pride is going to bother you, especially if that is changing out parts or accessories with aftermarket parts or second-hand parts or accessories. You could do that and, technically, it would be fine to do. However, it would probably bother you because it is your car and you want it to be the best that it can be. Using old parts or aftermarket parts are not going to feel the same as using OEM parts because you know that you had to cut a corner. Even if no one else notices you will still have the thought in the back of your mind that you had to cut a corner. You have to stay congruent with your wants and needs. The want and need of this situation is that you did not cut a corner and your car is still the best on the block. 

Bragging Rights

Once you have your Corvette then you have one up on the normal person. However, you enter a new competition where you are competing with everyone else who has a Corvette. You may not think that you play that game but if you have ever seen a Corvette on the street, in a show, or in a shop and noticed something they had and you do not, then you are competing. It is ok. It is natural for C7 or Corvette owners. You should be proud and you should want to be the best. You are not going to get those bragging rights by using aftermarket C7 Corvette accessories or parts. Genuine OEM accessories or parts are the buy ins for this game. If you are running any aftermarket parts, for the most part, then you are going to be automatically disqualified in most people's eyes. 

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