C7 Corvette Convertible Patriot Stripe Package

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One of the things to do when you cannot go fast all the time is to give the implication of speed. It is why the Corvette Jake Skull logo is popular and why the tires that looked like they kept spinning after a vehicle stopped was so popular. Humans are infatuated with speed. We cannot help it. If you can help us go faster then we are generally interested. If you can give us the illusion of going fast then we are probably interested in that too. Getting the right accessories for your Corvette do just that for you. They give you the illusion of speed or, at least, the implication of faster speeds when people look at your car.

We talk about this a lot here, but you buy a Corvette to impress the lay person. Most people dream of having a Corvette because it symbolizes a lot of things. it symbolizes wealth, it symbolizes speed, and it there is a connotation that you could race. The other connotation of owning a Corvette is that you could win that race if you so chose to in your car. The idea at this point to strengthen that viewpoint and go from a double take to complete envy from the normal people you may see on the roads or walking the streets.

C7 Corvette Convertible Patriot stripe package comes into play here. It is one thing to look fast when you are driving because you have the luxury of movement to show off the car. However, if the car is not moving then you need to be just as impressive or even more so. You could leave your Corvette as close to factory as possible, but what fun is that at all. The second half of the game we mentioned previously is the game you do not realize exists until you are in the Corvette. You probably never noticed how many Corvettes there were until you got yours. What is worse is that they sometimes look cooler than yours. Welcome to the second level of the Corvette game. If you own a Corvette then you impress the lay people and the next step up is impressing the other Corvette owners. The game every Corvette owner plays is trying to out-cool each other even though they will not admit it. It is the reason why people go to car shows. They want to see what they could get and the other secret reason is to see what they do not have so they can get it before other people do. 

If you get a C7 Corvette Convertible Patriot stripe package then you can get ahead of some of the competition. You also become more impressive at traffic stops and when you car is parked. You probably show off your car when you are home too. Why not make it more impressive for those people since you probably are not going to take it around the block for fun. Making impressions when driving is easy and making impressions when you are not driving can be done as long as you have the right accessories or parts. 

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