C7 Corvette See Through Roof

One of the most confusing things about a Corvette transparent top is that it is hard to tell what color is it and whether or not it is actually transparent. The truth is that the C7 Corvette see-through roof is actually transparent, or see-through if you will, black, or blue. It all depends on how you are looking at the item and from what angle. It is the major reason that a lot of people have trouble finding what they want when they are looking for it. It gets confusing when there are pictures of the roof being black or blue.

The Color Black

If you are standing over the rooftop then the top looks black. it is to give you more privacy and to stop other people from seeing what is inside your vehicle. It might seem like this is a roof that you cannot see through but you can. It is a big reason skip this item. All they see is a picture of a black top and they do not think it is the one they want when, in actuality, it is the exact one that they want. The black also seems too dark to see through and to be "transparent" on the other side. 

The Color Blue or Transparent

If you read the previous statement then you are right. However, you are only partly right because the blue color shows underneath. However, it is not a deep blue and it is transparent enough to show you what is going on overhead. Hence, the top is also blue and transparent. If you are expecting true transparent then you might have to wait awhile for technological advancements. However, if you like or can tolerate the blueish hue while still getting your transparency then you will love the C7 Corvette transparent top. You might even like that it has a multitude of colors. It might actually be something to brag about to your non-Corvette owning friends. There are many times on this site where we talk about things you do to impress passersby which usually equates to owning a Corvette. However, there are times when you want to impress other owners and make them jealous which the transparent top is perfect for but it does not mean that the normal person does not also think it is impressive. In fact, they will probably think it is more so than your Corvette owning friends who are probably going to start plotting getting their own anyway.

Ok, I get it. But Does It Fit My Vehicle?

The transparent top actually fits the 2014-2018 of Corvettes. The only caveat is if you have an early 2014 or 2015 Corvette then you will have to change your latches. We do have an update kit for those models, however, and you can check that product out by clicking the link here. We do have some engineer notes that say if you own a 2014 or 2015 that you should call in to us to check if you actually need the update kit. Either way, if you want a transparent top then we have the means and the knowledge to help you find the one you want.

If you are ready to get your own transparent top then you can click here and check out the product for yourself.